Robot Safety

This section contains basic information on safety risks to be followed when performing service work on the robots and their controllers. The information contained in this manual is a supplement to and not a replacement of the safety information provided in FANUC robot documentation provided with the robot equipment.

The purpose of the robot safety section is to provide personnel with suggestions for safe work practices. Information in this section intends to supplement—not replace any safety practices outline in FANUC robot and controller manuals supplied with the equipment, plant safety rules, local/state/national codes, or laws.

In relation to this machine, personnel must follow all current Energy Control and Power Lockout (ECPL) guidelines prescribed by the plant.

Never permit untrained personnel to operate the robot. Access code should be used to prevent unauthorized persons from operating the robot.

Any person who deals with the maintenance of the manipulator must also thoroughly read and follow all safety information contained in this manual and in FANUC robot and controller documentation provided. See the Appendix for a list of additional documentation.

Safe Design

Grippers / end effectors are designed so that they retain work pieces in the event of a power failure or a disturbance to the controller.

Unauthorized modifications of the originally delivered manipulator are prohibited. Without the consent of Valiant, it is forbidden to attach additional parts through welding, riveting, or drilling of new holes into the castings. The strength could be affected.

Safety Risks During Service Work on the Robot

Staying Safe While Teaching or Manually Operating the Robot

All personnel who must teach the robot or otherwise manually operate the robot must observe the following rules:

Robot Safety During Automatic Operation

All personnel who operate the robot during production to observe the following rules:

Robot Safety During Inspection

When inspecting the robot, be sure to:

Robot Safety During Maintenance

When performing maintenance on your robot system, observe the following rules: