Work Area Safety


Keep work areas clean and free of hazardous obstructions at all times. Be aware of protruding machine components. Keep floors clean and dry. Clean up chemical (cleaning solvent, beverage) and process fluid spills immediately. Follow plant-approved procedures to clean up all spills.

Guards and Covers

Safety guards, covers, gates, and barriers must always be installed while the system is operating. They should be removed only for maintenance and service purposes. If guards and covers are removed for maintenance or service, they must be re-installed before system operation can resume. Electrical interlocks, limit and proximity switches used on gates or safety guards must never be jumpered-out or bypassed.

Traffic Areas

Keep aisles, pathways, and catwalks clear of obstructions to allow free movement in all directions. Do not block their access with items such as boxes, tool chests, or ladders. This is especially true in case of an emergency, where rescue personnel must have quick access to an injured worker.

Unsafe Conditions

Immediately report any unsafe working conditions to your supervisor or safety department. Faulty safety devices, damaged hoses, and loose or broken parts all pose a safety hazard. Report all fluid leaks (oil) and unusual odors (excessive vapors, overheated metal).

Tool Usage

Tool usage safety guidelines; as they apply to the system, are as follows: