MSDS Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document provided by the manufacturer to provide personnel handling their materials with information regarding health and safety issues. The documents are to be located where they can be accessed by the end user. MSDS sheets are dated material and, as such, may be updated periodically. Ensure you are referencing the most recent information available. Consult your company’s policy on how to obtain these documents.

MSDS is governed by MSDS (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and additional information regarding MSDS requirements can be obtained by visiting their website.

The MSDS is typically divided into the following (16) sixteen sections:

  1. Identification,
  2. Hazard(s) Identification,
  3. Composition / Information on Ingredients,
  4. First-Aid Measures,
  5. Fire-Fighting Measures,
  6. Accidental Release Measures,
  7. Handling and Storage,
  8. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection,
  9. Physical and Chemical Properties,
  10. Stability and Reactivity,
  11. Toxicological Information,
  12. Ecological Information,
  13. Disposal Considerations,
  14. Transport Information,
  15. Regulatory Information,
  16. Additional Information.
Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Alpha Sp 68 (Castrol): CLP 68 / ISO-LCKC 68 - Central Lubrication
Hyspin AWS 46 (Castrol): - CLP 46 / ISO-L-CKC 46 - A-Axis Drive Bearing
Hyspin AW 46 (Castrol): - HLP 46 / ISO-L-HM 46 - Hydraulics
SAE 80 - Rotary Tables
Antifrogen N